Journal of Oleo Science
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The 2nd Asian Conference on Oleo Science (ACOS 2017)
Binary Phase Behavior of Saturated-Unsaturated Mixed-Acid Triacylglycerols—A Review
Lu ZhangSatoru UenoKiyotaka Sato
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2018 年 67 巻 6 号 p. 679-687


Most natural lipids contain a complex mixture of individual triacylglycerols (TAGs). An in-depth knowledge of the mixing behavior of TAGs is necessary for the rational design and engineering of food materials. The binary phase diagram of TAGs is a simplified model that can be explored to help foster an understanding of the phase behavior of complex fats and oils. This article reviews recent research on the binary phase behavior of saturated-unsaturated mixed-acid TAGs, with special emphasis on the stearicunsaturated and palmitic-unsaturated diacid TAGs. The occurrence of polymorphic forms and mutual solubility of TAG mixtures are strongly related to the glycerol conformation of the saturated-oleic diacid TAGs; it appears to be most influenced by the chain-length mismatch in saturated-elaidic diacid TAGs. In addition, the polymorphism of pure enantiomers and racemic mixture of chiral TAGs was also reviewed, while the effect of chirality on mixing behavior was discussed.

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