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Detergents, Surfactants, Interface and Colloid
Accelerated Recombination of Lophyl Radicals with Self-Assembled Amphiphilic Lophine Dimer
Masaaki AkamatsuTaiki SuzukiKazuki KobayashiKoji TsuchiyaKenichi SakaiHideki Sakai
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2019 Volume 68 Issue 7 Pages 659-664


This report focuses on acceleration of the recombination of lophyl radicals with a lophine dimer derivative by forming molecular assemblies. A newly synthesized cationic amphiphilic lophine dimer formed molecular assemblies with a diameter of ~220 nm in an aqueous medium. When the molecular assemblies were formed, the rate of recombination of lophyl radicals, produced by ultraviolet light irradiation, was accelerated 50,000-fold compared to that in an organic solvent. The rate enhancement is likely derived from the short diffusion distance of the lophyl radicals in the molecular assemblies. These results revealed that accumulation of the lophine dimers via self-assembly remarkably accelerated the recombination of lophyl radicals. This novel photoisomerization system could rapidly control the interfacial properties or morphologies of molecular assemblies when used for applications, such as efficient delivery of drugs or active components.

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