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Oils and Fats
Extraction and Characterization of Flaxseed Oil Obtained with Subcritical n-Butane
Shuai WangZhen-shan ZhangTian-feng ZhangXue-de Wang
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2020 年 69 巻 9 号 p. 1011-1020


In this study, subcritical n-butane was adopted to extract oil from flaxseed. The extraction conditions i.e. extraction temperature, extraction time, and liquid-solid ratio were investigated and optimized by response surface methodology. The flaxseed oil obtained by subcritical n-butane were characterized and compared with those prepared by n-hexane and cold pressing. Results indicated that the optimal combination of parameters was 53.93℃, 56.82 min, and 19.98:1 mL/g. Subcritical n-butane had higher yield (28.75%) than n-hexane and cold pressing. GC analysis indicated that subcritical n-butane extraction had no obvious influence on the fatty acid composition. Nevertheless, the oil obtained by subcritical n-butane with higher contents of phytosterols (2.93 mg/g) and carotenoids (46.56 mg/kg), and presented a higher oxidation stability (9.27 h). Thus, it was suggested that subcritical n-butane extraction is a promising alternative to extract high quality flaxseed oil.

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