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Journal of Oral Science
Vol. 51 (2009) No. 1 March P 141-144



Case Report

Trismus is a pathological condition of the muscles of mastication which commonly affects patients who have undergone dental procedures, oral surgery, and radiation therapy for head and neck cancer. The purpose of this case report is to describe the use of dynamic splinting, a noninvasive modality to reduce trismus which occurred in a patient following multiple dental procedures. A 26 year old man of African descent was referred for severe trismus and pain following three dental procedures on the lower right molars. The patient presented with Maximal Interincisal (opening) Distance (MID) of only 5mm and mastication muscle spasticity. Following physical therapy (massage, ultra sound, NMES, moist heat) three times per week for two months and additional treatment of dynamic splinting for four weeks (TID) the patient increased his MID to 52mm and returned to normal eating and speaking. (J Oral Sci 51, 141-144, 2009)

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