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2012 年 128 巻 10_11 号 p. 543-553


The Compañia Minera Santa Luisa S.A. has been successfully operating mines in Peru for a number of years. Operation of the Huanzalá mine in the Huallanca township area began in 1968, the Pallca mine in the Pocpa and Llamac villages area in 2006, and the Atalaya prospect in the village of Chiuruco, Ancash department in 2006. The company is owned 70% by the Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co.,Ltd. and 30% by the Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Since the commencement of operations, the Compañia Minera Santa Luisa S.A. has made contributions to the social well being of local communities, provided assistance in constructing infrastructure, and undertaken measures for environmental mitigation. These activities are consistent with contemporary corporate social responsibilities for all mining companies.
Social contributions are based on agreements made with local communities. Among other contributions the company provides electric power to the Huallanca township at no charge from company’s hydroelectric plant, contributes towards school and medical supplies, provides medical examinations for local residents, and assists with stock-raising and selective live stock breeding programs. In addition to donating vehicles, the company has conducted a number of infrastructure projects including the construction of roads, water and sewage systems, school buildings, a gymnasium, a public hall, and an irrigation canal. One of the largest projects was the relocation of the entire Pocpa village from a landslide slope to a flat area in 2011.
Environmental control programs include neutralizing acid drainage from mine portals, recycling mine water, and conducting stability studies for tailings dams in accordance with the “Program of adaptation and management of environment” as promulgated by Peruvian law in 1997. The Huanzalá neutralization plant installed in 1998 has the distinction of being the first in Peru.
Discussions with local communities and agreements reached on the company’s corporate social responsibilities have resulted in a peaceful relationship with local residents. It can be stated that socially responsible corporate activities have helped to develop confidence and a positive relationship between the company and local communities to maintain stable mining operations.

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