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Print ISSN : 1881-6118
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越前谷 智長森 正
ジャーナル フリー

2012 年 128 巻 6 号 p. 265-272


This study is examined the fundamental property of the circular steel tubular columns which filled light-weight concrete using lapilli. The experiment is conducted under the pure axial compression, and it is carried out with two kinds of loading methods, only core is axially loaded and both core and tube axially are loaded. The use concrete is plain concrete, light-weight concrete II, light-weight concrete with lapilli within 50% and 100%. Steel fiber is mixed with some lapilli light-weight concrete for the purpose of improvement of strength and the toughness of the concrete. As a result, the steel fiber of the lapilli light-weight concrete is effective in suppressing the volume expansion of the lateral direction of the concrete. At the same time, axial compression stress increased, and it shows that the confined effect of the steel tube effectively is promoted. In the lapilli light-weight concrete which does not have enough strength, possibility of the practical use is testified by steel fiber mixture and the restriction effect of the steel tube.

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