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J R 北見駅駐車場レンガ壁で生じた凍害の発生メカニズムの解明
中村 大川口 貴之千葉 貴久伊藤 陽司渡邊 達也山下 聡
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2016 年 132 巻 1 号 p. 14-21


In this study, we conducted a follow-up survey of brick cracking on a brick wall in the parking space of JR Kitami Station and installed temperature sensors on the surface of the brick wall in order to measure changes in the brick wall temperature during late winter. In addition, we attempted to reproduce the brick cracking observed on the brick wall by conducting an indoor freeze-thaw experiment. The field investigation confirmed that the brick cracking on the brick wall occurred on the south-facing wall in the period from the coldest season to late winter. It was also confirmed from the records of the measured surface temperatures of the brick wall that, even in winter, the bricks could thaw in daytime and re-freeze at night, depending on the weather, solar radiation, and depth of snow coverage. Furthermore, we were successful in reproducing the brick cracking observed on the brick wall in the parking space of JR Kitami Station in the indoor freeze-thaw experiment. Our experience outlined above has demonstrated that frost damage can occur on the brick wall at JR Kitami station by a mechanism caused by the phenomenon of closed-system freeze-thaw, which the authors propose.

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