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Introducing Action Socialization Experience to promote self-regulated learning strategies in university physical education in the context of liberal education
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2022 Volume 19 Pages 15-27


Self-regulated learning strategies (SRLS), along with motivation, are important elements in fostering active learning. This study aims to elucidate whether physical education classes in universities in the context of liberal education, which introduce group-based Action Socialization Experience (ASE), can be an opportunity to promote the use of SRLS and which SRLS should be used. Toward this end, we first reviewed the theory of self-regulated learning and found that self-regulated learning is a cyclical process that consists of three phases: forethought, performance, and self-reflection. Moreover, SRLS and motivation are related to each phase. Subsequently, we examined whether the use of SRLS can be promoted in the context of liberal education, which introduces ASE. ASE is an activity in which a group of people cooperate to solve problems that cannot be solved by one person. It is effective in developing social skills and decision-making and problem-solving abilities. The results suggest that ASE, which is conducted in six steps, displays a high affinity with the cyclical phase model of self-regulated learning. Furthermore, the SRLS that are assumed to be used from STEP1, “recognition and acceptance of the problem,” to STEP3, “planning of problem-solving,” are the SRLS of goal setting and strategic planning. In STEP 4, “Trial,” and STEP 5, “Problem Solving,” the SRLS are self-instruction, imagery, time management, help seeking, metacognitive monitoring, and self-motivation. In STEP 6, “Reflection,” the SRLS are self-evaluation and adaptive decisions. Thus, university physical education class in the context of liberal education can be an optimal venue for promoting the use of SRLS by providing opportunities to use many SRLS and reflect on the effectiveness of their use. Promoting the use of SRLS through university physical education in the context of liberal education will demonstrate the significance and value of university physical education for undergraduate students as a subject that fosters active learning.

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