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Society Awards 2020
Theoretical and organic chemical approaches to environmental behavior and metabolism of pesticides
Toshiyuki Katagi
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2020 年 45 巻 3 号 p. 166-176


Investigation of the dissipation and transformation of pesticide through laboratory experiments, conducted in accordance with standard and newly developed designs, gives us valuable information to understand their environmental behavior. We have also been investigating the mechanisms of partition and transformation reactions of pesticides, not only through kinetic analyses, but also through theoretical approaches based on their molecular properties estimated using various spectroscopies and molecular orbital calculations. Furthermore, synthetic iron porphyrin with a peroxide was shown to be a good model to simulate the P450-catalyzed oxidation in the metabolism of pesticides. Through these investigations, the knowledge of surface water, soil, sediment, and plants, such as their properties and constituents, was found indispensable to a deep understanding of the mechanism in the hydrolysis, photolysis, and metabolism of pesticides.

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