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Effects of temperature and humidity on the contact angle of pesticide droplets on rice leaf surfaces
Jiantao ZhangTengyuan ZhouJiajun ZengXuanchun YinYubin LanSheng Wen
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2022 年 47 巻 2 号 p. 59-68


The effects of external factors such as temperature, humidity, pesticide formulation, and pesticide concentration on the contact angle of pesticide droplets on rice leaf surfaces were analyzed. The experiments showed that there were significant differences in the contact angles of droplets on the leaf surfaces under different temperatures and humidity. As the ambient temperature increased, the contact angle first decreased and then increased, reaching a minimum value at 25°C. With a gradual increase in humidity, the contact angle significantly increased and reached a maximum at 100% humidity. Finally, it was concluded that both the formulation and concentration of the pesticide had a significant effect on the contact angle of droplets on rice leaf surfaces. The experiments also illustrated that the effects of the pesticide formulation and concentration on the contact angle were more significant than those of temperature and humidity.

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