Journal of Pesticide Science
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ISSN-L : 0385-1559
Evaluation of propiconazole, a triazole-containing fungicide as an inhibitor of strigolactone production
Ikuo TakahashiHikaru KoishiharaTadao Asami
ジャーナル オープンアクセス 早期公開

論文ID: D22-022


The inhibitory effect of propiconazole on strigolactone (SL) production and Striga hermonthica emergence were evaluated using rice plants. A significant reduction in SL levels was detected in root and root exudates after rice was treated with different doses of propiconazole. Propiconazole induced second tiller bud outgrowth in rice seedlings. In accordance with the results of 4-deoxyorobanchol levels in root and root exudates, propiconazole-treated rice attenuated the degree of infestation of the root parasitic weed, S. hermonthica. Overall, these results suggest that propiconazole has potential as a plant growth regulator for agriculture and a new scaffold for developing potent inhibitors of SL production.

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