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Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Metal-promoted Co-Ir-SiO2 Catalysts Prepared by the Alkoxide Method
Mingdeng WEIKiyomi OKABEHironori ARAKAWA
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2003 Volume 46 Issue 5 Pages 339-342


A series of metal-promoted 20 wt%Co-0.5 wt%Ir-SiO2 catalysts was prepared by the alkoxide method, and the effects of additives (MOx; M = K, Cr, Al, Ce, La, and Mn) on the catalysis of Fischer-Tropsch reaction were investigated. K-Promoter reduced CO conversion. Al- or Cr-promoter resulted in almost the same CO conversion as over the catalyst without additives, but CH4 selectivity increased. La- or Ce-promoter decreased C5+ selectivity. In contrast, CO conversion and the α-value (the chain growth probability of CHx intermediates) increased up to 57% and 0.85, respectively, over catalysts with 10 wt% Mn promoter. However, further addition of Mn caused deactivation of the catalyst. Selectivity for CH4 showed a linear relationship with the standard enthalpy of formation (-ΔHf0) of the promoter oxides (MOx).

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