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Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute
Vol. 52 (2009) No. 1 p. 16-20



Research Note

Fischer-Tropsch syntheses were carried out in a slurry phase over Mn-modified Ru/carbon nanotube (CNT) catalysts using hexadecane as a solvent. CO conversion and C5+ selectivity were dependent on the Ru and Mn concentrations as well as the reaction temperature. The activity of the catalyst containing optimized amounts of Ru and Mn was very similar to that of Ru-Mn/γ-Al2O3, although the initial activity of CNT-based catalysts after 3 h was about 10% lower than that of Al2O3-based catalyst. Presumably removal of chloride from RuCl3 to form active metallic ruthenium species on the CNT catalyst was enhanced by the addition of manganese.

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