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Preliminary Analysis of Oil Shale Obtained from Kalynkara in Kazakhstan
Zhaksyntai K. KairbekovNaoto MasudaMasa-aki OhshimaZhannur K. MyltykbaevaNazarke KairbayevaValentina S. YemilyanovaHideki Kurokawa Hiroshi Miura
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2014 Volume 57 Issue 4 Pages 192-195


Oil shale obtained from Kalynkara in Kazakhstan was investigated by powder XRD, XRF, SEM, TG-DTA, and EA. The XRD profiles indicated that the oil shale contained quartz (major component), CaSO4·2H2O, and Mg4Al2(OH)12CO2·H2O as minerals. The amount of organic matter in the oil shale was determined by TG-DTA and was approximately 19 wt% based on the weight loss in the temperature range of 473-823 K. Moreover, the H/C ratio determined by EA and TG-DTA was 0.86, indicating that the structure of the organic matter was similar to that of coal. We attempted to extract the organic matter from the oil shale in decalin at 373-623 K, but no significant amount of products was obtained.

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