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Hydrocarbon Fuel Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass by Solvolysis and Catalytic Cracking
Iori Shimada Yutaka KobayashiHaruhisa OhtaKengo SuzukiToru Takatsuka
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2018 Volume 61 Issue 5 Pages 302-310


Utilization of lignocellulosic biomass for alternative fuels requires efficient and low-cost processes for deoxygenation and conversion to hydrocarbons. We propose a 2-step biomass conversion process consisting of solvolysis pretreatment and co-processing with heavy petroleum oil in catalytic cracking. High liquefied yield (> 90 C%) was achieved by solvolysis in guaiacol and water with acetic acid catalysts. Bio-oil was mainly converted to gaseous hydrocarbons and coke by co-processing with model heavy oil (n-eicosane). Deoxygenation pathway to H2O formation was accelerated by enhancing hydrogen-transfer activity even without supplying hydrogen. Hydrogen-transfer deoxygenation proceeded preferentially to olefin hydrogenation. Consequently, enhancing hydrogen-transfer activity in the co-processing of bio-oil and heavy petroleum oil was effective for efficient deoxygenation without lowering octane rating.

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