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Clinical application of removable partial dentures using thermoplastic resin—Part I: Definition and indication of non-metal clasp dentures
Kenji FuekiChikahiro OhkuboMasaru YatabeIchiro ArakawaMasahiro AritaSatoshi InoToshikazu KanamoriYasuhiko KawaiMisao KawaraOsamu KomiyamaTetsuya SuzukiKazuhiro NagataMaki HosokiShin-ichi MasumiMutsuo YamauchiHideki AitaTakahiro OnoHisatomo KondoKatsushi TamakiYoshizo MatsukaHiroaki TsukasakiMasanori FujisawaKazuyoshi BabaKiyoshi KoyanoHirofumi Yatani
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2014 年 58 巻 1 号 p. 3-10


This position paper proposes a definition and naming standard for removable partial dentures (RPDs) using thermoplastic resin, and presents a guideline for clinical application. A panel of 14 experts having broad experience with clinical application of RPDs using thermoplastic resin was selected from members of the Japan Prosthodontic Society. At a meeting of the panel, "non-metal clasp denture" was referred as the generic name of RPDs with retentive elements (resin clasps) made of thermoplastic resin. The panel classified non-metal clasp dentures into two types: one with a flexible structure that lacks a metal framework and the other having a rigid structure that includes a metal framework. According to current prosthetic principles, flexible non-metal clasp dentures are not recommended as definitive dentures, except for limited cases such as patients with a metal allergy. Rigid non-metal clasp dentures are recommended in cases where patients will not accept metal clasps for esthetic reasons. Non-metal clasp dentures should follow the same design principles as conventional RPDs using metal clasps.



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