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Complete Nucleotide Sequence of Mitochondrial Genome in Silkie Fowl (Gallus gallus var. domesticus)
Yasuhiko WadaYoshiyuki YamadaMasahide NishiboriHiroshi Yasue
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2004 Volume 41 Issue 1 Pages 76-82


Whole mitochondrial DNA of the Silkie fowl (Gallus gallus var. domesticus) was sequenced in order to elucidate the genetic position of the Silkie fowl in its related species based on mitochondrial DNA sequence. The length of Silkie mitochondrial DNA was found to be 16,784 base pairs. The similarity between Silkie and White Leghorn was found to be 99.77% (39 nucleotide differences in 16,784 base pairs). Since the sequences of NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 and cytochrome b genes have been reported in six species [Japanese quail : Coturnix japonica, Ring-neck pheasant : Phasianus colchicus, Grey partridge : Perdix perdix, Chinese bamboo partridge : Bambusicola thoracia, Chicken (White Leghorn) : Gallus gallus var. domesticus, and Redhead : Aythya americana], nucleotide sequences of these two genes were used for a phylogenetic analysis of Silkie against these six species using neighbor joining and maximum likelihood methods. The Silkie and White Leghorn are in the same phylogenetic cluster with a bootstrap value of 1000/1000.

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