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Full Self-Consistent Projection Operator Approach to Nonlocal Excitations in Solids
Yoshiro KakehashiTetsuro NakamuraPeter Fulde
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2009 年 78 巻 12 号 p. 124710


A self-consistent projection operator method for single-particle excitations is developed. It describes the nonlocal correlations on the basis of a projection technique to the retarded Green function and the off-diagonal effective medium. The theory takes into account long-range intersite correlations making use of an incremental cluster expansion in the medium. A generalized self-consistent coherent potential is derived. It yields the momentum-dependent excitation spectra with high resolution. Numerical studies for the Hubbard model on a simple cubic lattice at half filling show that the theory is applicable in a wide range of Coulomb interaction strength. In particular, it is found that the long-range antiferromagnetic correlations in the strong interaction regime cause shadow bands in the low-energy region and sub-peaks of the Mott–Hubbard bands.



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