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Effects of Dynamic Stretch Training on Lower Extremity Power Performance of Young Sprinters
Gunsoo HanMyungsun LeeByungjun Cho
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2011 年 23 巻 3 号 p. 401-404


[Purpose] In order to succeed and achieve in sports, athletes need to enhance their specific athletic performance in competitions. Therefore, athletes seek to find the best training method for improvement. Stretch is a major part of athletic training preparation during in and off season. However, performing static stretch during warm-up session is controversial. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine the effects of different stretches prior to a 40 m sprint and the Margaria-Kalamen Power Test on lower extremity power. [Subjects] Twenty-eight high school sprinters participated in this study. [Methods] They performed three 40 m sprints and the Margaria-Kalamen Power Test following the 12 weeks of different stretches. Repeated measures ANOVA was used for statistical analysis. [Results] The results show that after 12 weeks of intervention, 40 m sprint times and the Margaria-Kalamen Power test performance were significantly enhanced in dynamic stretch compared to static stretch. [Conclusion] We concluded that 12 weeks of dynamic stretch improved 40 m sprint times and leg power compared to static and mixed types of stretch programs. It should be noted that a dynamic stretch program enhanced lower extremity power in high school sprinters.

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