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Influence of the Vestibulorespiratory and Peripheral Reflexes on Ventilation when Balancing on One Leg
Kohei YamaguchiTakumi Yamada
ジャーナル フリー

2011 年 23 巻 3 号 p. 419-423


[Purpose] The present study was performed to clarify the influence of the vestibulorespiratory and peripheral reflexes on ventilation when standing on one leg. Ventilatory responses and metabolic responses under various vision and platform conditions were investigated and the responses in phases I and II were compared. [Subjects] Twenty healthy subjects were instructed to stand on one leg with eyes open or closed under three platform conditions for 1 min. [Methods] The platform conditions were flat, upward sloping, and unstable platform. Ventilatory and metabolic parameters were measured during one leg standing under each of the six conditions. The experimental results for 1 min were divided into between Phases I and II and analyzed. [Results] In Phase I, there were no significant differences between ventilatory parameters among any of the 6 conditions. In Phase II, the respiratory rate and minute ventilation were significantly different between the vision conditions, and between the flat and unstable platforms. These ventilatory responses to changes in condition were strongly correlated with oxygen uptake when standing on one leg under each condition. [Conclusions] These results suggest ventilatory responses to balancing the whole body on one leg were influenced by exercise intensity rather than by the vestibulorespiratory reflex or the peripheral reflex.

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