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Analysis of 24-h Physical Activities of Patients with Parkinson's Disease at Home
Hideyuki NakaeHitoshi Tsushima
ジャーナル フリー

2011 年 23 巻 3 号 p. 509-513


[Purpose] The present study aimed to quantitatively evaluate and characterize the physical activities of people with ParkinsonÅfs disease (PD) receiving nursing care at home, as well as to clarify the factors that affect the amount of physical activity and the ability of people with PD to perform activities. [Subjects] Nine PD patients participated in this study. [Methods] The physical activities of subjects were measured over a 24-h period using an accelerometer and an activity meter simultaneously. [Results] The average total impulse value of PD patients was approximately equal to that of elderly people, and was lower than that of young adults reported in other studies. Over the 24-h study period, PD patients spent 43.6% of the time in a sitting position. Patients with milder PD were more physically active, had higher activities of daily living, had better balance ability in a standing position, were able to stand for longer periods, and showed more frequent posture changes; however, their frequency of falls tended to increase. [Conclusion] To increase physical activities and prevent falls among home-bound PD patients, it is important to practice standing balance and walking exercises.

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