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The Effects of Gong's Mobilization on Cervical Lordosis, Forward Head Posture, and Cervical ROM in Abnormal Posture of the Cervical Spine of College Students
Wontae GongGak Hwang BoYoonmi Lee
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2011 年 23 巻 3 号 p. 531-534


[Purpose] In this study, the effectiveness of Gong's Mobilization and sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGS) were compared in college students who had problems with cervical posture and range of motion (ROM) in order to examine the effects of Gong's Mobilization on cervical lordosis, forward head posture (FHP), and cervical ROM. [Subjects] Forty college students in their twenties with problems of cervical posture and ROM were divided into a Gong's Mobilization group (n=20) and a SNAGS group (n=20). [Methods] Gong's Mobilization and SNAGS were administered three times a week for four weeks to each respective group and then changes in cervical lordosis, FHP, and cervical ROM were evaluated. [Results] Gong's Mobilization was effective at increasing cervical lordosis, cervical extension ROM (CER), and ranges of flexion and extension motion (RFEM), as well as decreasing FHP. In contrast, SNAGS was effective at increasing CER and decreasing FHP. [Conclusion] Although both Gong's Mobilization and SNAGS affected cervical posture and ROM, Gong's Mobilization was more effective at increasing cervical lordosis, CER, and RFEM.

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