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The Effects of Microcurrents on Inflammatory Reaction Induced by Ultraviolet Irradiation
Jeong-Woo LeeSe-Won YoonTae-Hee KimSoo-Ji Park
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2011 年 23 巻 4 号 p. 693-696


[Purpose] This study examined the effects of microcurrents on inflammatory reactions induced by ultraviolet irradiation. [Subjects and Methods] We recruited 22 subjects and two inflammatory reaction regions were induced on the lumbar region of each subject with ultraviolet irradiation. Microcurrents were applied to one region at a frequency of 5 pps, an intensity of 50 μA, and alternation of no microcurrents were applied to the other region polarity. The irradiated regions were analyzed by at 1 sec intervals; the digital image analysis and the quantitative sensory test. [Results] Changes in chromatic red and luminance there were statistically significant showed over time and between regions. The comparison of wound contraction in the two regions there was a statistically significant difference. Analysis of changes in pain threshold showed no statistically significant difference. [Conclusion] This study found that microcurrents increased wound contraction and reduced the inflammatory reaction activities such as erythema and pigmentation. Thus, we consider that microcurrents help to accelerate the inflammatory reaction induced by ultraviolet irradiation, enhance recovery and foster an anti-inflammatory reaction.

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