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Effects of Virtual Reality Treadmill Training on Balance and Balance Self-efficacy in Stroke Patients with a History of Falling
Jinhwa JungJaeho YuHyungkyu Kang
キーワード: Virtual reality, Stroke, Balance
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2012 年 24 巻 11 号 p. 1133-1136


[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of virtual reality treadmill training on balance and balance self-efficacy in stroke patients with a history of falling. [Subjects] Twenty-one stroke patients with a history of falling were allocated into 2 groups: a virtual reality treadmill training group (experimental group, n=11), and control group (n = 10). [Methods] We measured patients’ balance function and balance self-efficacy before and after 3 weeks of virtual reality treadmill training. [Results] Balance and balance self-efficacy were significantly higher in the experimental group. Furthermore, balance and balance self-efficacy significantly increased after 3 weeks in both groups compared with the baseline values. [Conclusion] Virtual reality treadmill training significantly improves balance and balance self-efficacy in stroke patients who are able to participate in physical balance training.

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