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Effect of Different Elbow Push-up plus Exercises on Upper Trapezius and Serratus Anterior Muscle Activity
Yang-gon KimJae-seop OhWon-gyu Yoo
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2013 年 25 巻 4 号 p. 411-412


[Purpose] This study compared the activations of the upper trapezius (UT) and serratus anterior upper (USA) and lower fibers (LSA) during elbow push up plus exercises (EPP) with various foot placements. [Subjects] We recruited 15 male subjects. [Methods] Elbow push up plus exercises were performed on three different foot placements: the elbow push-up plus with an elbow bench (EPP-EB), the elbow push-up plus on the floor (EPP-F), and the elbow push-up plus with a foot bench (EPP-FB). Electromyography activities of the USA, LSA and UT muscles were recorded. [Results] The activations of USA and LSA muscles were significantly higher when foot placement was relatively elevated. The activation of UT during EPP-FB exercise was significantly higher than during EPP-EB exercise. [Conclusion] Foot placement in the elbow push-up plus exercise for selective activation of SA muscles must be considered by clinicians.

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