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Concurrent Validity and Test-retest Reliability of the OPTOGait Photoelectric Cell System for the Assessment of Spatio-temporal Parameters of the Gait of Young Adults
Myung Mo LeeChang Ho SongKyoung Jin LeeSang Woo JungDoo Chul ShinSeung Ho Shin
キーワード: Locomotion, Measurement, Analysis
ジャーナル フリー

2014 年 26 巻 1 号 p. 81-85


[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the concurrent validity and test-retest reliability of the recently introduced OPTOGait Photoelectric Cell System for the assessment of spatio-temporal parameters of gait. [Subjects] Twenty healthy young adults (mean age = 27.35, SD = 7.4) were asked to walk 3 times on walkway at a comfortable speed. [Methods] Concurrent validity was assessed by comparing data obtained using the OPTOGait and GAITRite systems, and reliability was assessed by comparing data from the first and third OPTOGait sessions. [Results] Concurrent validity, as identified by intra-class correlation coefficients (ICC (2, 1) = 0.929–0.998), coefficients of variation (CVME = 0.32–11.30%), and 95% limits of agreement, showed high levels of correlation. In addition, the test-retest reliability of the OPTOGait Photoelectric Cell System was demonstrated as showing a high level of correlation with all spatio-temporal parameters by intra-class correlation coefficients (ICC (3, 1) = 0.785–0.952), coefficients of variation (CVME = 1.66–4.06%), 95% limits of agreement, standard error of measurement (SEM = 2.17–5.96%), and minimum detectable change (MDC95% = 6.01–16.52%). [Conclusion] The OPTOGait Photoelectric Cell System has strong concurrent validity along with relative and absolute test-retest reliabilities. This portable system with easy-to-use features can be used for clinical assessments or research purposes as an objective means of assessing gait.

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