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Change in Visual Perception and Balance Caused by Different Types of Hat
Hyolyun Roh
キーワード: Balance, Hat, Visual perception
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2014 年 26 巻 2 号 p. 199-201


[Purpose] This study aimed to determine the effect of the type of hat worn on balance, eye-hand coordination, and visual perception of normal adults. [Subjects and Methods] Eight healthy male (20.87±1.95 years, 171.38±4.03 cm, 60.75±7.94 kg) and seven female (20.14±0.89 years, 160.57±5.25 cm, 57.14±7.92 kg) university students participated in this study. Balance ability, eye-hand coordination, and visual perception were measured when subjects were bare-headed, and when they wore a hat, cap or hood. [Results] There were significant differences in balance and visual perception according to the type of hat worn, but eye-hand coordination did not change. Therefore, field of vision and visual perception changed according to the type of hat worn. [Conclusion] These results show that field of vision can be blocked, depending on the size of the hat visor, resulting in poor visual perception and consequently balance. Therefore, there are potential risks associated with wearing certain types of hat.

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