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Effect of Smart Phone Use on Dynamic Postural Balance
Sung-Hak ChoMun-Hee ChoiBong-Oh Goo
キーワード: Smart phone, Dual task, Balance
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2014 年 26 巻 7 号 p. 1013-1015


[Purpose] The present study investigated what kind of effect smart phone use has on dynamic postural balance. [Subjects] The study subjects were 30 healthy students in their 20’s who were recruited from a University in Busan, Korea. [Methods] The present experiment was quasi-experimental research which measured the postural balance (Biodex) of subjects while they sent text messages via smart phones in the standing position with the eyes open, and while they used two-way SNS. [Results] There were significant differences between standing and the dual-task situations. Among dual tasks using smart phones, SNS using situations showed the highest instability. [Conclusion] The use of smart phones in less stable conditions such as while walking or in moving vehicles should be discouraged.

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