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Body Responses to Sound Stimulation: A Crossover Study
Hitomi UbukataHitoshi MaruyamaMing HuoQiuchen Huang
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2014 年 26 巻 7 号 p. 1129-1131


[Purpose] Auditory stimulation is used for the functional assessment of the saccule and saccule-derived vestibule-cervical reflex in clinical environments. The present study aimed to clarify the influences of sound stimulation as a type of auditory stimulation on the body. [Subjects] The subjects were nine healthy youths (2 males and 7 females). [Methods] FFD, FRT, the muscle hardness of hamstrings, and RT were measured after the sound stimulation of 1,000 Hz and 70dB. [Results] RT was markedly shortened, and the FFD significantly increased with sound stimulation. [Conclusion] Sound stimulation improved the RT and flexibility, possibly resulting in an effective approach in physical therapy.

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