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Journal of Physical Therapy Science
Vol. 27 (2015) No. 11 November p. 3359-3363



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[Purpose] The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of dynamic sitting exercises during prolonged sitting on the lower back mobility of sedentary young adults. [Subjects and Methods] Seventy-one subjects aged between 18–25 years participated in this study. Following a randomized crossover study design, subjects were randomly assigned to two groups: sitting only and dynamic sitting exercise. The dynamic sitting exercise was a combination of lower back hyperextension and abdominal drawing-in movements which were repeated 6 times in a 1-minute period and performed every 20 minutes during a 2-hour sitting session. Lumbar range of movement was measured with the modified-modified Schober test, and the pain intensity was evaluated using the visual analog scale. [Results] After the experiment, the lumbar range of movement was significantly impaired in the sitting only group; however, it was significantly improved in the dynamic sitting exercise group. There were significant differences in lumbar range of movement of both flexion and extension between the groups. No significant difference in pain intensity between the groups was found. [Conclusion] These results suggest that dynamic sitting exercises during prolonged sitting can prevent decreases in lumbar range of movement in both back flexion and extension following a 2-hour sitting period.

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