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The effects of short foot exercises and arch support insoles on improvement in the medial longitudinal arch and dynamic balance of flexible flatfoot patients
Eun-Kyung KimJin Seop Kim
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2016 年 28 巻 11 号 p. 3136-3139


[Purpose] The purpose of the present study is to apply short foot exercises and arch support insoles in order to improve the medial longitudinal arch of flatfoot and compare the results to identify the effects of the foregoing exercises on the dynamic balance of the feet and the lower limbs. [Subjects and Methods] Fourteen university students with flexible flatfoot were selected by conducting navicular drop tests and randomly assigned to a short foot exercise group of seven subjects and an arch support insoles group of seven subjects. The intervention in the experiment was implemented for 30 minutes per time, three times per week for five weeks in total. [Results] In inter-group comparison conducted through navicular drop tests and Y-balance tests, the short foot exercise group showed significant differences. Among intra-group comparisons, in navicular drop tests, the short foot exercise group showed significant decreases. In Y-balance tests, both the short foot exercise group and the arch support insoles group showed significant increases. [Conclusion] In the present study, it could be seen that to improve flatfoot, applying short foot exercises was more effective than applying arch support insoles in terms of medial longitudinal arch improvement and dynamic balance ability.

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