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Journal of Physical Therapy Science
Vol. 28 (2016) No. 12 December p. 3354-3356



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[Purpose] The purpose of present study were to develop an out-patient satisfaction questionnaire to be used in health care system, from which the underlying dimensions could be derived and individual patient scores calculated, and to evaluate some of the questionnaire’s psychometric properties. [Subjects and Methods] Forty out-patient of local hospital reply both the questionnaire used in previous study and newly designed questionnaire. To identifying validity, the statistical linear relationship between the total score of the primary questionnaire and newly designed questionnaire, which were analyzed. The test-retest reliability has been investigated by using a single measure intra class correlation. [Results] The average satisfaction of the previous questionnaire were significantly correlated with newly designed questionnaire. The intra-lass correlation coefficient of the each items of newly designed questionnaire were strong. Total score of the previous questionnaire had the lowest test-retest reliability, Cronbach’ s alpha coefficient for the newly designed questionnaire score showed acceptable inter-item reliability. [Conclusion] The out-patients’ satisfaction questionnaire developed in present study, which had appropriate validity, reliability, and acceptability.

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