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The effects of a combined physical activity, recreation, and art and craft program on ADL, cognition, and depression in the elderly
DeokJu Kim
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 29 巻 4 号 p. 744-747


[Purpose] To determine the effects of a combined physical activity, arts and crafts, and recreational program on the activities of daily living (ADL), cognitive function, and depression in the elderly. [Subjects and Methods] Twenty-eight elderly persons aged 65 years or older who live in P City, South Korea participated in a program combining arts and crafts and physical and recreational activities, twice weekly for eight weeks (a total of 16 sessions). The subjects’ ADL, cognitive function, and depression were measured before and after the program using the following assessment instruments: the FIM, MMSE-K, and BDI, respectively. [Results] The results showed that, after the program intervention, ADL were remarkably improved for both men and women, cognitive function increased considerably, and depression levels significantly decreased, especially for elderly women. [Conclusion] The results of the present study indicate that a program combining physical and recreational activities, as well as arts and crafts, had positive effects on the health of the elderly and provide evidence for managing their health.

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