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3D motion analysis of the wrist splint effect to wrist joint movement
Joong-il ShinSoo-hee Park
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2017 年 29 巻 6 号 p. 1089-1091


[Purpose] This study aimed to investigate the degree of straightness of the wrist joint, depending on the use of a wrist splint while opening a bottle cap. Its results may provide data for later studies on preventing accidents at workplaces and improving efficiency. [Subjects and Methods] Thirty Male and Female in their twenties who did not have hand-related diseases, fractures, or history that included neurological impairments associated with the hand were selected as subjects of the study. Wrist splints were made to fit the hand and lower arm of each subject. Evaluation assignments were carried out without and with the splints after 10 minutes of rest. To analyze the wrist movement in opening the bottle cap, a three-dimensional movement analyzing system by Zebris was used. [Results] Wrist angle decreased while opening caps of four different diameters while wearing splints, but not when splints were not worn. This means that wearing a splint may aid weakened wrist muscles. [Conclusion] Future studies should be conducted among subjects with damaged wrist muscles and evaluate the subjects in actual workplaces to obtain more objective and more valid data.

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