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Muscle activation pattern during self-propelled treadmill walking
Britt KostrabaYi-Ning WuPei-Chun KaoCaroline StarkSheng-Che YenJinsook Roh
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2018 年 30 巻 8 号 p. 1069-1072


[Purpose] To examine muscular demands during self-propelled treadmill walking to provide a potential option for fitness training. [Participants and Methods] Eleven healthy college students were recruited. Participants walked under three conditions: over-ground walking at a self-selected speed, treadmill walking at a self-selected speed, and treadmill walking at a speed comparable to that of over-ground walking. Step lengths and lower extremity muscle activations were recorded while participants walked under the three conditions. [Results] Step lengths were significantly shorter when participants walked on a self-propelled treadmill than when walking over-ground. The spatiotemporal and muscle activations of the gaits varied among the different walking conditions. Muscular demands at the moment of heel-strike were higher around the hip and knee when walking on the self-propelled treadmill than when walking over-ground. [Conclusion] During heel-strike, the lower extremity extensors were activated more on the self-propelled treadmill with an incline, especially at faster speeds, than during over-ground walking. A low-cost, self-propelled treadmill may be a modality for training specific muscles.

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