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Immediate effects of lumbar spine patterns after neuromuscular joint facilitation on balance in stroke patients
Hualong XieMing HuoQiuchen HuangDanyang ZhouShan LiuSuli YuLei ChenKo OnodaHitoshi Maruyama
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2019 年 31 巻 12 号 p. 979-982


[Purpose] The present study investigated changes in the balance function of stroke patients after neuromuscular joint facilitation treatment. [Participants and Methods] Fourteen stroke patients were randomly subjected to neuromuscular joint facilitation intervention (neuromuscular joint facilitation intervention group) and no intervention (control group), with a 1-day interval between treatments. The interventions were performed consecutively. The order of interventions was completely randomized. Before and after one neuromuscular joint facilitation and control intervention, the functional reach test, and body sway were measured. [Results] Functional reach test values were significantly increased and peripheral area was significantly reduced in the neuromuscular joint facilitation intervention group than in the control group. [Conclusion] These results suggest that neuromuscular joint facilitation of the trunk has an immediate effect on balance and function in stroke patients.

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