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Influence of muscle activation of posterior oblique sling from changes in activation of gluteus maximus from exercise of prone hip extension of normal adult male and female
Jae-Kwang LeeJong-Ha HwangChan-Myeong KimJong Kyung LeeJi-Won Park
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2019 Volume 31 Issue 2 Pages 166-169


[Purpose] There have been many study ipsilateral erector spinae in regard of prone hip extension (PHE). However, mediating methods have been focusing on the reinforcement of gluteus. Hereupon, this study is intended to identify how an increase of gluteus maximus influences on posterior oblique sling (POS) and suggest a mediating method to effectively reinforce them. This study shows the seclective POS strength exercise. [Participants and Methods] This study has been conducted on normal male (13) and female (13), and participants were asked to proceed PHE exercise and prone hip extension with hip abduction with knee flexion (PHEAKF). Surface electromyography (EMG) was recorded from the contralateral latissimus dorsi, contralateral erector spinae, ipsilateral erector spinae, ipsilateral gluteus maximus, and ipsilateral biceps femoris. A paried t-test was used to compare muscle activity POS. [Results] EMG activity of the contralateral latissimus dorsi, ipsilateral erector spinae, and ipsilateral gluteus maximus was significantly greater performed PHEAKF than PHE. As for ipsilateral biceps femoris, muscle activation was lower in PHEAKF than PHE. [Conclusions] According to the results of this study, increase in muscular activation from the direction of muscular fiber and posterior oblique sling seems to be an important factor that influencontralateral crector spinae on muscular activation of POS.

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