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Associations between impairments and activity limitations components of the international classification of functioning and the gross motor function and subtypes of children with cerebral palsy
Maysoun SalehNihad A. AlmasriSomaya H. MalkawiSana Abu-Dahab
キーワード: Cerebral palsy, ICF, GMFCS-E&R
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2019 年 31 巻 4 号 p. 299-305


[Purpose] Cerebral palsy (CP) encompasses a group of disorders of movement and posture with wide ranges of impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions. Guiding management of children with CP by the ICF model is important to deliver quality services. This study aimed to explore relationship between CP subtypes and the Gross Motor Function Classification System-Expanded and Revised (GMFCS-E&R) and to examine differences in distribution of impairments and activity limitations across CP subtypes and GMFCS-E&R levels. [Participants and Methods] 70 children with CP (mean age: 6.5 ± 2.9 years) were classified using CP subtypes and GMFCS-E&R. Research assistants examined impairments including: scoliosis, scissoring, and inability to bear weight. Parents described their children’s transfers and functional mobility. [Results] CP subtypes and GMFCS-E&R levels were significantly associated. Scissoring and scoliosis were predominant in children in levels IV and V of the GMFCS-E&R. Only scoliosis was predominant in children with quadriplegia. Transfer activities and functional mobility were more limited in children with quadriplegia and in level V of the GMFCS-E&R. [Conclusion] Impairments and activity limitations components of the ICF can be differentiated by CP subtypes and GMFCS-E&R. Clinicians can use the two classification in providing comprehensive and individualized services for children with CP and their families.

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