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Case Study
Re-establishing the cervical lordosis after whiplash: a Chiropractic Biophysics® spinal corrective care methods pre-auto injury and post-auto injury case report with follow-up
Tim C. NortonPaul A. OakleyDeed E. Harrison
キーワード: Cervical spine, Whiplash, Subluxation
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2023 年 35 巻 3 号 p. 270-275


[Purpose] To document the re-establishment of the cervical lordosis following radiographically verified altered sagittal plane alignment both prior to, and following a motor vehicle collision. [Participant and Methods] A 16-year-old male presented for a non-motor collision complaint of low back pain. Initial lateral cervical radiograph demonstrated cervical hypo-lordosis. The patient was treated with a 6-week plan (18 visits) utilizing Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP) methods to increase the cervical lordosis. Eight months later the patient presented with new complaints as a result of a motor collision. The cervical lordosis straightened. The patient received another round of similar treatment to improve the lordosis. There was also a 6.5-month follow-up. [Results] The initial round of treatment achieved a 21° improvement in cervical lordosis. The motor vehicle collision caused a loss of 15° of lordosis. The second round of treatment achieved a 12.5° improvement in lordosis that was demonstrated to be maintained at a 6.5-month follow-up. [Conclusions] This case illustrates how a whiplash event occurring during a motor vehicle collision subluxated the cervical spine. It was also shown that CBP methods reliably corrected the lordosis after two separate treatment programs using specialized methods. Beyond trauma, radiographic screening of specific cervical subluxation is recommended following all motor collisions.

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