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Artificial Insemination with Canine Spermatozoa Frozen in a Skim Milk/Glucose-Based Extender
Yasuyuki ABEDong-Soo LEEHikaru SANOKoji AKIYAMAYoshiko YANAGIMOTO-UETATomoyoshi ASANOYoshinori SUWAHiroshi SUZUKI
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2008 Volume 54 Issue 4 Pages 290-294


Due to the recent outbreak of avian influenza, transportation of frozen canine semen with egg yolk has been sharply restricted. Thus, there is urgent need to develop a novel egg yolk-free extender for freezing canine spermatozoa. In the present study, the effect of using skim milk/glucose (SG)-based extender without egg yolk on the motility and fertilizing capacity of canine spermatozoa frozen-thawed in the presence of glycerol was examined. There was a tendency for the proportion of motile spermatozoa exposed to SG-based extender for 3 h to be higher than that exposed for 1 h, but the difference was not significant. The motility and other viability parameters of canine spermatozoa after thawing were similar to those obtained with an egg yolk-based extender. When spermatozoa frozen with SG-based extender containing glycerol after 3 h exposure were transcervically inseminated into 2 recipient bitches, a total of 6 pups were obtained. These results suggest that a simple extender composed of skim milk, glucose and glycerol is useful for cryopreservation of canine spermatozoa, which may contribute to improved exchange of genetic material and efficient production of companion and working dogs, such as guide dogs for the blind.

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