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Journal of Reproduction and Development
Vol. 63 (2017) No. 4 p. 383-388



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LSM family member 14 (LSM14) belongs to the RNA-associated protein (RAP) family that is widely expressed in different species, and whose functions include associating and storing mRNAs. In the present study, we found that LSM14b was essential for oocyte meiotic maturation. Lack of LSM14b caused oocyte meiotic arrest at metaphase, and misalignment of chromosomes, as well as abnormal spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) and maturation promoting factor (MPF) activation. Cyclin B1 and Cdc20 mRNAs, whose contents changed with LSM14b expression, were likely direct targets of LSM14b. We conclude that LSM14b, by functioning as a container of mRNAs, controls protein expression, and thus regulates the oocyte meiotic maturation process.

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