Journal of Rehabilitation Neurosciences
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Successive evaluation of clinical findings and brain images in left thalamic hemorrhage with a previous right putaminal hemorrhage
Takayuki OtaTatsuya YamamotoRikitaro SakoAmi FujiiKazuaki NagasakaTetsuichi HonderaYoshihumi Ozasa
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Article ID: 200506


We report a case of left thalamic hemorrhage with motor paralysis in the right upper and lower extremities, somatosensory dysfunction, right homonymous hemianopsia, decreased spontaneity, and amnestic aphasia five months after onset of hemorrhage. The brain image findings revealed that it was a case of thalamic hemorrhage originating from the thalamic geniculate artery, and the major lesional area was the posterior thalamic region, including the posterolateral ventral nucleus, the median nucleus, part of the dorsal medial nucleus, the lateral ventral nucleus, and the pulvinar. In addition, Parkinson’s-like symptoms were occasionally observed five months after thalamic hemorrhage onset, and these might be associated with a previous right putaminal hemorrhage. Here, we report the clinical course and neuro-imaging findings from the onset of thalamic hemorrhage to five months post-event and discuss the causative factors of each clinical finding.

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