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Area Management and Sea Aquaculture in coast fishing villages
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2015 Volume 55 Issue 2-3 Pages 1-18


In recent years, the excessive use of marine resources and the increasing of demand of marine products are advancing on worldwide scale. It has a great hope for the sea aquaculture in order to the maintaining of fishery production and the stable supply of marine products.

However, is it possible to pull up the quantity of production (2013) of the sea aquaculture which forms 33% of the fishery total output in Japan by about 50 percent of global average levels?

For that purpose, there is the necessity of checking again the present condition and the historical developmental process of sea aquaculture. It is necessary to research to the future directivity from there.

Although such big development that the sea aquaculture production in Japan exceeds 1,400,000 tons of the second half of the 1980s from the about 300,000-ton scale of the 1960s was accomplished, many subjects are still held in the developmental process.

In the present stage, at least, three problems exist; it is about the competition problem of use of fishing ground, the problem of coexistence and adjustment between large-scale manager and small-scale family management, the problem of the improvement about management of aquaculture farm operator.

Unless these essential three problems are solved, the further development of sea aquaculture cannot expectable.

In this paper, it is the aim that we analyze about the problems of sea aquaculture business from the viewpoint of area management.

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