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Vol. 22 (2004) No. 2 P 256-263



During the behavior imitation, human being doesn't practice simple coordinates transformation, but acknowledge the others' behavior, understands the behavior after abstraction into symbol information, and generates one's self behavior. A framework “Mimesis” in cognitive science and “mirror neuron” found in biology field show that the behavior generation process isn't independent of behavior cognition process, but generation and cognition process have close relationship each other. Focusing on these facts, we propose a new method which carry out the behavior cognition process and behavior generation process at the sanie time, and co-evolve these two processes using the proto-symbol and mimesis framework. We also propose a mathematical model based on Hidden Markov Models in order to integrate the behavior cognition and generation process, which has an advantage that the model have three functions; 1) behavior memorization, 2) behavior recognition, and 3) self behavior generation, by itself. Finally, feasibility of this method is shown through experiment in a humanoid simulator.

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