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- 脳神経信号利用型機能代行システム開発に向けた基礎的検討 -
Fumitaka AKITakuya KEMMOKUTatsuhiro KIMURAYoshiyuki KAGEYAMAHiroshi OHSHIMANaoaki KANAIKatsuro OKAMOTOKiyoyuki YAMAZAKIHiroyuki TADOKORO
ジャーナル フリー

2012 年 23 巻 3+4 号 p. 26-31


As a basic experiment for the development of neuromotor prostheses (NMPs), movement related neural signals were measured using rats. The electrodes were surgically implanted in the motor cortex, spinal cord, sciatic, and femoral nerves. The measurements were carried out under two conditions, which were voluntary movement and involuntary motion evoked by startle auditory stimuli. Obtained signal waveforms under two separate conditions were compared and analyzed. In both conditions, a descending transmitting signal was observed. However, remarkable readiness activity of the motor cortex was not seen in both cases with a 5 times averaging. Using our experimental model, neurophysiological characteristics of motor generation were revealed. Based upon these findings, the possibility of new NMPs for the disabled was discussed.

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