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Atsushi UCHINOKentaro KUMITAHironori OGAWAAkira TONEGAWAMasataka ONOKazutaka KAWAMURA
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2004 年 16 巻 2 号 p. 57-60


In order to produce the hydrogen negative ions, we have proposed a newly designed system of a magnetized sheet plasma, TPD-SHEET-IV (Test Plasma produced by Directed current for SHEET plasma), crossed with a vertical gas-flow and an electron-emitter made of tungsten filaments. When the secondary hydrogen gas is fed to the hydrogen sheet plasma through the gas injector, the density of H- is controlled by changing the emission current and the applied voltage of the electron-emitter. From results of the laser-photodetachement method, it is also shown that the characteristics of the density of H- production depend on the cross section of the electron attachment to the vibrationally excited hydrogen molecules.

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