Journal of Advanced Science
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Günter Brenn
ジャーナル フリー

1995 年 7 巻 3-4 号 p. 197-205


Collisions of drops in polydisperse sprays moving in a gaseous host medium influence the drop size distribution in the spray. Such collisions may either lead to stable coalescence of the colliding drops or to the formation of satellite droplets for certain geometric and kinetic conditions of the collision. This latter process still is not very well understood, and the present paper presents data on the number of satellete droplets produced by the collision as a function of the relevant parameters of the collision. Deeper insight into the processes of satellite formation is provided by a photographic documentation of the collisions. Two different liquids (propanol-2 and n-hexadecane) are investigated. It is shown that, at given kinetic conditions, for a certain value of the collision parameter, a maximum number of satellites is formed. Larger and smaller collision parameters lead to a smaller number of satellites. Furhter investigations will involve other drop sizes and collisions of drops of different diameter. These results will support modelling of spray flows.

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