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System design of an integrated controller for coordinated operation of autonomous construction machinery
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2022 年 3 巻 3 号 p. 10-14


In the construction industry, the reduction in labor population due to the declining birthrate and aging population has huge implications on the overall productivity in the industry, for which the adoption of robotic technologies can be a significant solution in tackling with the challenges. Nevertheless, considering the complexity of the construction process, it is needed to have coordinated operation of various autonomous construction machinery working towards certain common goals. Moreover, the cluttered and unstructured nature of the construction sites requires a sound motion planning method that predicts and recognizes the situation and takes correct decisions. Algorithms for both need to be tested and improved continuously via simulation before real construction applications. This paper proposes the concept of an integrated controller for coordinated operation and motion planning of autonomous construction machinery and its system configuration was discussed. Unity is proposed to be the controller due not only to its seamless communication with the Robot Operating System (ROS) in exchanging control commands via the rosbridge library but also to its capability of importing models of various data formats in creating a high- fidelity simulation environment. With the prototype validation of the proposed framework, a workflow from construction planning, simulation verification, to real machine control is expected to bring huge benefits to the construction industry in terms of improved productivity, quality, and safety.

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