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松吉 秀武蓑田 涼生三輪 徹須古 和之
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2009 年 68 巻 4 号 p. 208-213


We compiled the clinical statistics of recent vertigo and dizziness cases at Kumamoto university hospital. Peripheral vestibular diseases accounted for 53.7% of the cases, while central vestibular disorders accounted for 29.3%. In regard to the frequency of diagnosis of each disease, the most commonly encountered peripheral vestibular disease was benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) (21.1%), followed by Meniere's disease (18.4%), similar to the case at other institutions. In regard to the affected part in the patients with BPPV, the most frequently encountered type was the lateral canal type BPPV (cupulolithiasis type), followed by the posterior canal type , lateral canal type (canalolithiasis type) and anterior canal type BPPV, in that order. There was a significantly high percentage of patients with lateral canal type BPPV (cupulolithiasis type) in which the period until healing was prolonged, in comparison with the statistics reported from the city hospital. Many of the patients with Ménière's disease showed involvement of the lateral semicircular canal function. There was also a significantly high percentage of patients with bilateral canal paresis (22.2%). There was a significantly large number of patients with intractable vertigo and dizziness at the university hospital. Focus on the management of these diseases will be necessary in the future.

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