Equilibrium Research
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高橋 正紘
ジャーナル フリー

2011 年 70 巻 3 号 p. 204-211


I have investigated lifestyles, behavior patterns, causative factors, and progression of hearing loss in many patients with Meniere's disease, and found that lack of recompense for pressure of business, patience or service is responsible for the onset or progression of the disease. Further, aerobic exercise proved very effective to stop vertigo and improve fixed hearing loss. Three years ago, I advocated a new therapy for Meniere's disease consisting of aerobic exercise and countermeasures to remove the harmful factors in daily life (aiming at good sleep, omission, and relaxation). Because the new therapy has been far more effective than any conventional therapies, we must renew the treatment concept of and therapeutic strategy for Meniere's disease. I suspect the possibility that the CNS emotional center, stimulated by lack of recompense against stress in activities of daily living, influences the hypothalamus, which in turn reduces blood flow to the inner ear, and produces endolymphatic hydrops. Aerobic exercise, together with correction of irregular or inactive lifestyles, removes unhealthy factors, improves the subject's general physical condition, and finally cures endolymphatic hydrops.

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